I have always loved to cook and have enjoyed seeing people take pleasure in eating the food that I have made for them.

‘Cookery’ was my favourite subject in school and probably the one I did best at. We were taught well and the focus was on learning the basic skills of pastry, cakes and bread making and new fangled dishes such as lasagne!

In the early 80’s I began to broaden my knowledge through the programmes of Delia Smith on the television. Her ‘Complete Cookery Course’ was probably the first cookery book I bought!  Sadly, I no longer learnt to cook at school having traded in Home Economics for the much more respected and academic ‘Economics’!

At teacher training college I continued to cook, on the hot plate and grill of our Baby Belling in our student hall of residence!  It was amazing what could be achieved!

Over the subsequent years I found comfort in my cooking, I would come home from work after a busy day and found relaxation in my cooking! I took pleasure in the cooking of and trying out of new dishes. and became a cookery book and cookery programme junkie. Holidays abroad became all about finding about the food culture of the places I visited.

However, I craved to learn more, and eventually after many years in teaching I decided to develop further my cooking knowledge and skills and enrolled on a 6 month cookery diploma at the Edinburgh Newton Cookery School. I loved every minute of my course and decided to combine my two passions cooking and teaching in my own business ‘Cook in Melrose’.  By providing private cookery lessons I aim to share my own cookery knowledge and food with others in a relaxed and informal environment. 

Alison Sutherland


Alison Sutherland,
16 Aug 2015, 06:45